Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[NEW RELEASE] Solistice - Prologue EP

Some top notch dnb here folks - and for FREE DOWNLOAD. Manchester soundbwoys Solistice are warming things up for their upcoming album release on LRRecords later this year..Some good originals and a couple of clever covers on this FREE 5 track digital EP. check it out here..

Solistice - Prologue EP

1. Days In The Sun (5:16)
2. Hoax (4:12)
3. No One (3:44) - *Alicia Keyes Cover
4. Toy Soldiers (5:19) - *Martika Cover
5. Winters Mist (3.35)

* Original cover tracks belong to their respective owners.

Monday, October 27, 2008

[NEW RELEASE] Monkeybotherer by anonymi on LRRecords

New release from Little Rascal Records, Cairns, QLD, Australia:


File Under
Drum & Bass

anonymi is a digital artist, with a lifetime rooted in instrumentalism and percussion. His tracks mash u p global folk styles with polyrhythmic breakbeat/drum'n'bass, rich orchestral harmonies and stupid bass. He was previously a founder member of 8 piece live drum'n'bass crew Weird Attractors, but now concentrates on solo works with his trusty travelling laptop.

Previous Solo Works:

The Voice from Nowhere (2002)
Song of the Liondog (2003) available from
Aurora/Venturi EP Digibeatmusic (dbm001)
Dance of the Yakasaru Subvert Digital (SCD009)

With the Weird Attractors:

Adrenaline Soup (Earshot Recordings)

Track Listing
1. (in)Transit
2. Bodhisattva
3. Rui-Shi
4. Macaca
5. Onilka
6. Atomdub
7. Bullitt
8. Out of the Woods
9. Dance of the Yakusaru (Mungbean remix)
10. Aurora (Jinshan edit)
11. Pied Piper
12. Gateway

All tacks written and produced by anonymi, copyright 2008
track 9 remixed by Mungbean
(c)&(p) Little Rascal Records, 2008

Catalogue number: LRRA21
Distribution: Little Rascal Records and IODA

Release date: 9th of September 2008


"Pied Piper" (mp3)
from "Monkeybotherer"
(Little Rascal Records)

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