Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Rascal Records - at the conference... by Anermarra

at the conference >>> re-release for FREE at . .. BIG UPS Jessi Girl. :)

LRRAN03 - 28/04/2011
This is Jessi Girl’s debut EP. Some would know Jessi as the Flute player from folk/reggae band - Inner Voice. ‘At the conference’ contains 5 of Jessi’s original songs, all written and performed by herself and recorded and produced at LRRecords during 2004-05. Simple yet effective songs about love, money, faeries and life with rich vocals, rolling guitar riffs and mesmerizing flute!!


Little Rascal Records - at the conference... by Anermarra

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Rascal Records Update 04_2011

Heya Folks, Fans and subscribers. Brett here from Little Rascal Records.

You have probably noticed the LRR wordpress blog has been missing in action.
That's because I accidentally killed it. Whoops! I won't go into details (actually for those whom need to know: I tried to upgrade across too many versions 2.2 to 3.1 or something, should have done it incrementally), a real bummer I know, it was a great blog with much worthy content and wordpress is a great platform to host a indie label on the internet. To see what it
looked like check here:

Therefore I have re-tweaked the website at, and have
inspiration to rebuild a new and improved, sleek, stylish and functional website. On the main page you will find sections with links to our music retailers like juno and itunes as well as to our free music catalog at, links to artist pages as well as our affiliate
labels, LRR social network links like facebook and, and the LRR Newsletter. You will also find the Feature section which has the latest content recommended by 'little rascal' and which can also showcase your own promotions. Also about us, services, contact and links pages are provided.

Next on the 'to do' list is to create a functional Affiliates page to showcase and link to much more great music and a LRR Music page to provide more detail and listening function to our awesome releases. A real work in progress...

Yeah so take a look. enjoy. And if you have anything to contribute, feedback, requests or comments please contact us.

Cheers :)