Sunday, March 13, 2011

RTRfm / The Sound Alternative

Yay!!! Finally subscribed to my favourite Perth radio station: RTRfm. I listen to this community station often. They also put on great gigs around Perth. You can checkout playlists, download podcasts, listen online and more at the RTRfm website....'rascal recommended'

RTRFM is a community radio station based in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia and we broadcast to most of the wider metropolitan area.

Check us out, we’re 92.1 on the FM band, or you can listen to us right here.

Home to 50 different programs, ranging from specialist talks programs dealing with one area of interest, such as the environment, to music-based programs dealing with everything as varied as music of the 1930s, to avant-garde compositions. These programs are presented by over 200 volunteers and supported by 10 staff members, all with a passion for what they do and specialist knowledge in their area.

This has helped make us Perth’s most diverse and progressive broadcaster.

The range of sounds and voices heard on the station is reflective of our role as a community radio station – giving an outlet to people in the community who might not otherwise have access to broadcasting. That means we broadcast music and information that cannot be found anywhere else, making us The Sound Alternative.

But we don’t just reflect the community by giving its members a voice, we are also funded by the community. Through subscriptions, sponsorship, and by coming to our gigs, it’s you that keeps us on air.

That makes us a truly independent media outlet, not beholden to any financier or interest group in deciding what is broadcast. We are financed by the community and cater to our community.

What’s more, we broadcast live from our studios 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Plus, we were the first FM radio station in Perth, established in 1977.

RTRfm / The Sound Alternative

Saturday, March 12, 2011

John Sayers' Recording Studio Design Forum • View topic - LRRecords New Studio 2011 - Planning & Design

John Sayers' Recording Studio Design Forum • View topic - LRRecords New Studio 2011 - Planning & Design

Have started a post about the 2011 LRRecords studio build. To utilize the excellent advice and knowledge of the folks at John L Sayers Recording Studio Forum: